Today we are going to tell you about Digital Marketing. This Lecture is long and take in parts so connect with us for more marketing tips.Agenda of Digital Marketing

Module 1: Digital Marketing Landscape

What is Digital Marketing and how is it better than traditional marketing and why should we learn Digital Marketing.

Module 2: Website Creation

Agenda of Digital Marketing

You will see what are domain and how to register your domain and what is web hosting, how to get your web hosting and what are Content Management systems which lets you build that site. Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. After creating a website and putting some content on the site next task is to generate traffic to website to get the prospective customers on your website.

Module 3: Traffic Generation

  • Sub-Module1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Sub-Module2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Sub-Module3: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Sub-Module4: Content Marketing (CM)
  • Sub-Module5: Affiliate Marketing (AM)

How to generate traffic through search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.

Sub-Module 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You will what are search engines how to get traffic to search engines what are its techniques of On Page SEO and what are latest strategy of OFF Page SEO.

Sub-Module2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You will see how to get traffic from Europe site to search Ads and display ads. How to create campaigns on Google Adwords and how to earn money from display Ads. If you have a website or blog.

Sub-Module3: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Agenda of Digital Marketing

You will see Social Media Marketing in which I will show you how to create ad campaigns On Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter to get traffic to your website.

Sub-Module4: Content Marketing (CM)

You will see what various contents what is content marketing are and how to create & share valuable free content to attract and convert prospects and customers.

Sub-Module5: Affiliate Marketing (AM)

You will see what are Affiliate Marketing. How can you sell your product or services to affiliate marketing and how to earn money to affiliate marketing. If you are doing blogging. After creating the traffic your website means getting the prospective customers on your website. Next task is to convert those visitors into paying customers.

Module 4: Conversion Optimization

  • Sub-Module1: Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Sub-Module2: Landing Pages
  • Sub-Module3: Email Marketing

If you don’t have a proper conversion strategy in place all the traffic which you are getting to your website will be no value to you because you won’t be able to monetize and you won’t be able to convert them into paying customers. So for the purpose of survival it must require that you have a proper conversion strategy in place which we will see in this conversion optimization model.

Sub-Module1: Customer Acquisition Strategy

In this sub-module I will let you know how to capture Email Ids of your visitors how to make them experience your products our services and how we increase the lifetime value of your customers. You are reading about Agenda of Digital Marketing.

Sub-Module2: Landing Pages

I will let you know what are landing page and how to optimize landing pages to make them perform better for you.

Sub-Module3: Email Marketing

Agenda of Digital Marketing

I will let you know Email Marketing and how to create automate email campaigns. Largely leads to emails and make them buy your products or services.

Module5: Analytics

Agenda of Digital Marketing

In this module I will let you know how to analyze your online marketing efforts and make them better. Next Time I will show you Google Analytics and one other tool which will help you in the Analytics.

Module6: What Next?

In this module you will see the closing note which is called What Next? So all these modules will actually help you visualize online sales funnel.

Online Sales Funnel

Basically a sales funnel represents the path your customers go through finding out about your business who actually making a purchase. Your business can have more than one funnel especially if you have multiple marketing channels. So typical online sales funnel may look like this where you will get your prospective customer through these things:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Capturing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Sales

So first of all you really try to make prospective customers aware about your products or services or brand. In this whole lecture you will know how to do this with SEO, SEM, SMM, CM, AM.


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