The lecture will cover: email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and channels, PPC, website management, video marketing, analytics, E-commerce, customer management, and many more general marketing tips. The reason I have include customer management and website management in the digital marketing course is because I believe that these fields are essential to do the LAUERMAN of the business that you work in and they are complimentary to anything that has to do with marketing.

Digital Marketing

General Marketing Part:- 1

– General Objectives

– Increase Sales
– Reduce PPC Costs
– Increase Traffic
– Increase Brand Awareness
– Develop Better Relationships With Clients

General Marketing
We are going to focus on a general marketing learning how and first of all before you started any marketing campaign you have to establish some general objectives mention above and some of these objectives include increasing sales reducing BPC costs. And for those of you who don’t know what BBC stands for what people see it represents a print click you can also look to increase traffic or increase brand awareness and brand awareness rephrased to a brand’s popularity and how many people know about that brand and what it offers.

One of the most common ways of setting objectives and goals in digital marketing is by looking to create what we call smart goals smart stands for specific measurable accessible relevant and timely. So all of these are what you can use to create a perfect goal. If the goal is that you are looking to increase something specific you can increase your visits have more leads find the more clients a measurable will that you know exactly how many visits you will how many clients you want and you can increase your visits by let’s say to spend or increase your reach from 500 to one thousand. Related to the general marketing goals of your brand similar to what you have previously done and do what you want to achieve and only meaning that when you set a goal you need to know the exact time when all of this will happen.

In order to increase the sales of your product Encinas we talk about social media. We are just going to briefly look at the objectives that you can analyze when it comes to any social media channel So the main objectives that any digital that any digital marketer has to look for and to want to achieve is either to reach and reach refers to how many people will see your content.

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Social Media Objectives to Analyse

– Reach
– Searches
– Shares, Comments, and likes
– Interaction and engagement quality
– Brand reputation
– Degree of influence

Ditigal Marketing For Beginners Part 1
We have the degree of influence how you can influence people industries communities using your own brand when setting roles and when you want to create a strong digital marketing campaign strategy you have to first ask yourself the following three questions.

In next lecture we are talking about General Marketing Part:- 2 & 3



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