Amp (Accelerated Mobile page) launched in 2015. It reduces to time loading website and increases your website loading speed. Where are slow networkers speed there is these pages are useful. in the WordPress website easy to convert your website to the amp version. simply install amp plugin. after install configure according to you and publish.

What is amp project?

Amp project is a web page which is in the lite version that loads instantly in mobile phones. It combines project with google and twitter. Amp is used basic HTML and javascript which is provided by Google only no third party javascript is working on it. This is a markup language using some custom properties but if you are familiar with regular HTML then you don’t have any difficulty in converting HTML to amp-HTML.

How to setup Amp

Website upgrading in amp much difficulty for HTML using templates for bloggers because they have to necessary to edit HTML template to amp HTML some amp and javascript code implement in HTML. But WordPress users easy to convert normal to amp HTML just download and install a plugin and activate it and your website ready for amp loading pages.

For blogger users who don’t know HTML coding them also purchase the amp supported template or contact with some programmer to make a template.

You can also learn about amp project from google amp developer and amp by example. Every code provided with an example such an easy to learn. You can also monetize our website with amp ads.

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Monetization is the basic problem with amp user. It is decreasing your revenue. Some ads network supported amp HTML but the good thing in future every network upgrades our network with amp HTML friendly. The most popular ad network is currently using amp supported ads

  • Amazon Aq
  • Ad reactor
  • Google Adsense
  • Smart adserve
  • Yieldmo
  • Aol Adtech
  • Amp Analytics
  • Amp analytics

Amp analytics is very smart. It provides multiple tracking options for your Web site. It has two paths of analytic functions

  • Amp pixel element:- it tracks only basic page view count elements.
  • Amp analytics extend component:- this is the more advance then amp pixel element analytics because it allows a greater level of configuration in analytics. Learn here to implement analytics in amp-HTML


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