Today we are going to tell you about How Marketers Ruin Everything


So the first thing that you want to talk about and just presentation is a quote that the GO way not chalk one sketch and two sets like marketers to everything. Basically the idea of marketing is to quick attention from one thing to the attention to your own product. So basically getting as much traction as possible and this is kind of a beautiful thing because there are always new ways in on the marketing how you can do this. But there also ways that for short time work really well but that are completely stupid and that are completely ruining the whole process of online marketing especially in social media. So now I’m going to show you one of the things you should not do in the future. Well it’s worked for a short time but they are simply in my opinion useless to do. I thought this would be a funny start to this Swedien. So basically the unicorn today there was even one Austrain newspaper type things like how marketing 2017 works simply pick a product out a unique cut on it and double the price. You think that is compete B.S. and that this is not true that this is not going to work.

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All these products have been best sellers. If you took a look at the top left unicorn’s from British pop bean Normally they retail for about a dollar thirty and its been traded on e-bay for over $100. So basically these are all products that have been normal additions. Then the added that you can do it now to sell much better. So this is a short term effort. This probably has worked to 2017 but this is not going to work forever. So I don’t want you to really focus on things like and other things. And so by the way that the German but it’s pretty simple and I’m an Austrian trained social media marketing. It says something like what’s going to happen to your friend insert years and then a b c the whole alphabet. And it says what’s going to happen someone starting with a some would be someone to see some movie see if you can add this for the next year. You’ve been at this for what is he’s doing at a restaurant what will happen to him at a weekend and so on. So this way simply a picture that the idea was to test someone. And this is when I first saw it I felt like it’s completely useless. But a lot of the people engage with it and now all of page are doing it. So the problem with trends like is if you really want to ride this trend you really need to be a cricket basically once you see it the first time you really need to understand why is this working how this works. And then you immediately need to copy it and make it available for your own product.


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