Today we going to tell about Increase your Adsense CTR without increase your traffic or without putting more content and this lectures is long so please stay with us

Now if you are and Adsense user or Google Adsense user and since you would already know what CTR means. CTR stands for Click Through Rates which essentially mean the total number of people who are clicking on your advertisements and that are what make you money. So if you have maybe 100 people coming to your website but no one clicks in your advertisements you are not going to be making any money. However if 10 people out of those 100 people click on the advertisements you are going to be making some money. So that is what CTR stand for. Now I’m really excited to show you a very interesting method and this method is definitely going to take your CTR out to the next level.Increase your Adsense CTR without increase your traffic or without putting more content

First of all who is reading this lecture and this lecture for anyone and everyone who is using Google Adsense or any CPC platform user you could be a user of Rediffusion ads, Yahoo ads or any other kind of CPC ads or you could just be using Google Adsense that since this method can be used to increase your click through rates on your website or on your blog. No matter what CPC platform you are using.

Let’s now talk what you are going to need to set the system up. Well you are going to need a very small budget of round 70$ and I am going to show you some special tricks and you are going to use that 70$ actually less than that. To get ourselves some tools that you are to use on your existing website or blog let’s not talk about what you are going to be learning in this lecture. I am going to be showing you how you how to take your Ads since CTR to the next level. I have been using Adsense for a very long time. I don’t even remember for how long I have been doing it but over the years what I have seen is if someone gets a click through rate of maybe 2% or 2.5% he immediately starts bragging because he thinks that he has hit the industry standard which is around 2.5%.

The trick that I accidentally discovered is going to take your CTR to 30% and more. Now I know that some of you guys are taking that he is insane. No I’m not insane. I am really talking about taking your CTR out to the next level. This is very legit you are not doing Black Hat here you are just solving a very basic problem that’s haunts Google Adsense users and since users which is advertisements blindness when people come to your website they take a look at the advertisement positions and they know OK these are the advertisements. So the next time I come to this website I will not be clicking on these advertisements and that’s how you lose money. This time in this lecture you are going to learn how to take care of that problem. We are going to be rotating the same advertisements across different areas on your website and that is going to take care of the problem of advertisement blindness.

Second thing that we are going to do is you are going to use a very special trick that I accidentally discovered I must confess here. I accidentally discovered a trick that is going to make your existing advertisements appear bigger than they actually are. That means your advertisements are going to take up more real estate on your website and it is simply going to get more eyeballs and they are going to get more clicks. Now just like all the other methods that I tell you on upcoming lectures I have personally tested and tried this method out before talking in this lecture.


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