In this lecture we’re going to discuss link building myths. We’re constantly arguing about best practices Google penalties and the right way to do things that makes whole industry and particularly the world of link building daunting for beginners. We sometimes forget that not everyone has been at this for years when we go on our witch hunts and build haunted houses. So t hat is why we are going to take a moment to address some common myths that beginning links builders frequently encounter.

Link building myths

Myth Number One Link Building

Penguin and Panda paranoia are pretty common these days. Online publishers are scared and CEO’s are pointing fingers. Some even go as far as saying if you build length’s instead of earning them you will be penalized. If you go to your link building campaign with a certain mindset then you’ll be just find. You can’t just buy thousand of links on irrelevant websites. You can’t spin articles and you can’t rely on an easy way out spam. Instead you have to think in terms of relevancy. Every site needs to make sense. Would you click that link. Is it relevant to the pages content? Approaching a link building campaign with relevancy in mind and building linkson a human scale because human beings still run websites and click links build for people not just to trick search engines.

Myth Number two Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA) is the best Metric

It’s an easy mistake to make sites with higher page rank and domain authority generally have more traffic they can pass more link equity but those are just small pieces of the puzzle. That’s not to say that you should ignore PR & DA. If you can get a link on a relevant site that’s huge win. But what about a link on a mostly irrelevant high DA sites. I’d say that’s wors t han getting a relevant link on a low DA sites. DA & PA sites are often fantastic just because a sites lacks a page ranks doesn’t mean that it lacks a great community niche authority and relevancy. Many smaller sites are the best possible places to get a link to your site. What’s more just because a site isn’t big name today doesn’t mean that it won’t be tomorrow. Keep your eye on DA & PA but relevancy always comes first.

Link building sites

Myth Number three more links is always better

The days of needing thousand of links to rank are gone. Building thousand of spammy links is a sure pathway to a Google penalty even if you manually build thousands of somewhat relevant links in a small amount of time. You’re going to leave huge unnatural footprint which google can and will detect building a thousand links that way also takes an unfathomable amount of time and resources. Ten links in the span of a few months is completely attainable and that amount of links will help boost a good website’s ranking and traffic. There are other factors involved of course but we’ve seen it happen many times thinking in terms of thousands is dangerous. Not to mention overwhelming in link building. Always think quality over quantity.

Myth Number four links always come naturally to good content

Linker is a big industry buzzword and right now. There’s some merit to the notion. Good content canor and links. The problem with the term links earning is that it stigmatizes building links asking for links in anything other than sitting back and watching the link roll in. Linking relies on people naturally finding your content and deciding to link. This means link earning requires a built in community and audience with the amount of noise and content produced on the internet you’ll never earn links without this. The reality is if you’re not connected or networked well enough those links won’t just come rolling in. once you build a certain amount of authority or visibility those links might Rodand naturally. But until then your excellent resource or well researched piece of content will just collect dust if you don’t go out anal actively promote it so link burning only works for a select few. Otherwise getting the links you deserve requires active promotion and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Myth Number Five link building requires content

Link building doesn’t always require a blog post and imphal graph or a video. There are plenty of other ways to build relevant links. Sure your website needs to have good content on it. You need your site to be solid. You don’t always need to produce new content to build a new link. There are always plenty of link building tactics that don’t require new content such as broken link build link reclamation. Rand mentions help a reporter out badging contests and reviews. If you already have great content or a useful resource you can easily promoted the influential’s sites that haven’t seen it before. You don’t always need to be writing guest post or churning out infographics myth number six link building requires expensive tools and extensive knowledge there is plethora of amazing link building tools out there.

Myth Number Six link building requires expensive tools and extensive knowledge

These tools are often quite expensive if you’re operating at an agency level or if you can afford many are more than worth the asking price. If you’re just getting started however it’s unlikely that you have the extra money to spend on expensive tools. The good news is that you don’t really need them. Your brain is the only link building tool you really need. You’re capable of finding sites producing content writing outreach and building links with just your brain. Computer an internet connection and a couple of spreadsheets to track everything link building also doesn’t require 10 years of industry experience. You can learn everything you need to know for entry level link building anyway from industry blogs or by engaging with other ASIO’s on Twitter ask questions. People are often happy to help. That’s not to say you shouldn’t learn as much as possible because learning is essential. You just don’t need to hag out on the sidelines for two years before you try to build a few links.

Myth number Seven link building is the only online marketing you need

Link building is great for moving as site to the top of SERP’s that comes with increased traffic and conversions link building is not however the only marketing strategy you need. If you have long term plans for your website product or service then link building is just one part of an integrated marketing plan. To put it another way you can’t just build some links and ignore everything else. There is also social media traditional outbound marketing PPC less traditional inbound marketing methods conferences banner ads and a multitude of other marketing channels to consider. Link building is super effective at improving search traffic but it can’t solve everything. Think of it as a piece of the whole starting out as a link building can be intimidating but it don’t have to be. Remember that there are plenty of genuine people who want to help you.


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