In this lecture we’re going to discuss why links matter, links are important for two reasons.

Vote of Confidence

Number one Google consider a links of voter confidence from one website to another and therefore a signal of authority and relevance.

Link can send traffic from one website to another

Number two leaks in traffics from website to another for link building were primarily concerned with Google search. Google directs much of the web’s traffic and therefore represents a serious opportunity for websites seeking to improve their online visibility. Traffics flowing through the actual links known as referral traffics makes people happy as well. Though it’s secondary to our first consideration Google. That’s the short explanation.

Here comes the longer one understanding Google Search

Google search engine core website upon links more specifically treating lynx as a vote of confidence. The more links a website has the more influential Google considers that website. The more influential Google considers a website the more important their own links are. Another way to say that is the more votes you have from other websites the more your websites own votes matters. This inherently means that building links from sites with wealth of links themselves is more worth while. This was the founding of Google. They employ over 200 different signals of varying strength to determine site quantity and relevance and they’re certainly not telling us what those 200 different signals are. Although we have strong indicates and ideas Google Search Algorithm has change vastly over the years but their core remains the same.

Links are the backbone of search

Links are still backbone of Google Search but we can’t build just any link. Plenty of people have tried to game Google over the years. Subsequently Google has greatly improved at differentiating between natural links, artificial links and manipulative links a large part of the way Google has improved is with major algorithm updates. Algorithms are the foundation of computer intelligence basically extreme complex.

Complex If>then statements

If then statements that work to detect patterns Google’s major algorithm that deals with links is nickamend penguin is designed to detect a natural or manipulative linking patterns and then either de-value the links or even punished the web involved decreasing their search visibility. Penguin came out in April 2012 and hold a big impact on SEO industry. Google Search Algorithm which is what automatically returns results when you search is continuing to grow and evolve at an incredible rate as to remain of growth. So in link building the question of is this link powerful now simply isn’t enough.
Is this link powerful now?
This links be powerful now and continue to provide value in the future. Link builders should operates as if Google doesn’t exist. Instead of building a link exclusively for Google which history shows will eventually be useless or worse harmful. We build links that make sense for users. These should be links that you would be proud to show clients colleagues friends and family and even Google if necessary simply said building links within Google Webmaster Guidelines avoid links schemes and add value to the web.

Google Webmaster Tools

Building these links is paramount to ASIO’s success by building good links isn’t easy. The adage there’s no such things as a free lunch is very pertinent to link building in the ecology of the online word. Links are the dominant species and all website especially those worth approaching for links.


There’s plenty of people trying to building links in the worst way possible spam mini sites owners have to deal with massive link Building Spam requests in comments making it even harder to approach them and cut through the noise. That’s why it can be so difficult to built links unless you can find some angle some incentive. You’re reduced to asking for something valuable.


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