A very important thing to do before writing the first word on your blog is to know who you are writing for. That is what your audience. If you have your audience defined you will be able to get to it and produce content that people can relate to.

This is very much related to selecting your goals for your blog because when you know exactly what you want to achieve with your blog and when you want to achieve it then you can find things like what you like your reader to be homini visits. Would you like to have daily basis. How will you inform your intended audience about your blog and and many more question you will need to start asking yourself in order to be successful. But when you define a target audience you will write for the people who were actually going to buy from you or spend money on your blog somehow. Also you want to have the power to join in the type of readers you want to have. By reading it to them it as if you are already there. So there are a few things to keep in mind when addressing your audience.

Using the proper tone or language

It is not just going to write to an audience that you assume hs a masters degree on finance them. Is it to write a high school audience for instance to get it right. Ask yourself question referring to your preferred audience. How old are they. Where do they live. Are they mostly make or female. How educated is your audience. What do they do for a living. Once you are sure if who your target audience is you will find it much easier to think about topics to write about and get new ideas all the time. Since you can begin to think about your toddler for your blood.

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So how can you do this

Start by defining the long terms goals and work your way and powering down the monthly weekly and daily ones. So the smaller goals should be the easiest to achieve and should also be stepping stones to your long term objectives. So take some time to define what you want to do exactly with your blog. It could be something like I would like to earn $5000 on a monthly basis with my blog or I would like to have 1000 subscribers or 1million unique vistors per day. So don’t set yourself short goals just because you think it will be hard to achieve. So grab a pen and paper and write it down or write it on your computer and start defining Dewes a larger yearly goals. It can be something like setting up your website constantly running a daily polls stone into directories perhaps on your second year. You could establish a goal of publishing an e-book or getting 4000 email subscribers. Then it is time to think about the montly goals which should help you to achieve their year goals. For instance if you want to write a daily post in one year your monthly goal to achieve so could be to create a publishing calendar for the following month. Next you have to define weekly goals which are smaller versions of your monthly goals so you could do something like send an email to your subscribers or do a contest on a social media for instance.


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