Today we are going to tell you about SEO off page, Backlinks and Google Search Advance System.


Now we are going to start the second phase of this journey and that is of Bage SC and this is a very important aspect of you and it is not a one off. Before I talk about this concept let’s understand a basic philosophy.

Philosophy of Strength

This is called philosophy of strength or the betterment as you can see the people are running. Or maybe it is race.

SEO Off Page

Now a person A is clearly winning this race because he’s infront of everybody and he is doing great in the race. I’m happened to be the last OK. So for me to be number one I have to beat all of these people. Or in other words I have to be better than all these people. And I should have more strength to be at that point A. And then I have to be better than other person in order to win. Again having just enough strength to is not enough. Now let’s use the same analogy for a website ranking in search engine. You know when people search for a particular keywords and the list of website appear a website that is on number one position is clearly of more strand of good content. So if I want to be on number one position in search results I have to be better than the first website or my content he’s to excellent. So is a half past of the philosophy. So if I want to be number one on the Google search results I must have excellent content. So that is a half past.

Philosophy of Endorsement

Let’s go for the second part of this philosophy and this is philosophy of endorsement now an election how we decide the Electoral College it has won the election. A person who happen to receive most of the vote wins the election. Or in other words a who person happen to receive more following our endorsements wind the election. The same analogy we can use for the website a website that is appearing on the number one position in Sarsour old will have most of the following website that will be the second taking position. We’ll have less following so If we want to be on the number one position for a certain keywords we must have a strong following means we must have a following from other websites as endorsement and that will tell Google that people have confidence or the website have a confidence in our website. This is called backlinks a good quality websitethat will be passing you the link juice through your web link. And this is how you receive an endorsement. So that is the second part the first part was you must have good content or excellent content. The second part you must have a good following. So let’s combine this more now.

Decyphering the Code!

If you want to be number one on Google search results first you must have excellent content and secondly you must have a good following. We can remember this simple rule honey always attracr bees. Is your content are excellent you are using diversity in content like images radios infographics slides documents etc. And surely giving a value other website will surely content to you website which means they will pase links and the more webiste will connect to you. Again the relevant website you’ll receive something called authority and Google will give you reward. And the time of Google is pretty much it will push your website on a number one position in the search results for particle keywords or so. This is just basic philosophy behind of pages.

SEO Off Page


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